Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan visits Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad’s (DLMI) development site

9 December 2021 – YAB Dato Seri Hj Aminuddin bin Harun, Menteri Besar of Negeri Sembilan spent time participating in a visit to the development site of Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad’s (DLMI) new dairy manufacturing plant in Bandar Enstek accompanied by a delegation from the State Government.

The representative from the State Government that accompanied YAB MBNS was YB. Dato’ Dr. Razali bin Ab Malik (Negeri Sembilan State Secretary), YB. Dato’ Dr. Mohamad Rafie bin Ab Malek (Chairman of Action Committee for Investment, Industry, Entrepreneurship, Education and Human Capital), YB. Dato Mohd Khidir Majid (Negeri Sembilan State Finance Officer), YBhg. Dato Masri bin Razali (Mayor of MBS) and Tn Hj Najmuddin Sharif (CEO of INVEST NS), while Tuan DSP Mat Ghani bin Lateh (Deputy Chief of Nilai District Police representing the State Chief of Police) and Puan Zetty Hamimi binti Zakaria (Director of MIDA NS) also participated in the visit.

The purpose of this visit is to see first-hand the location and onsite progress for the development of DLMI new factory which is hoped to open more job opportunities for the surrounding residents.

Source: INVEST NS Facebook Page