9 Good Reason

Check out the good reason to invest in Negeri Sembilan

Strategic Location

Negeri Sembilan is strategically located at the central region of Malaysia, with close proximity to Kuala Lumpur business centre, Putrajaya Government administrative centre and Klang Valley. Furthermore, with just 45 minutes away to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), 90 minutes to Port Klang and only 3 hours to Singapore is among the state’s greatest advantages.

Competitive Cost for Business Operation

The state boast over 20 strategically located, well-equipped industrial parks, perfectly suited to a wide range of manufacturing operations offering a competitive price for industrial land, compared to the Klang Valley.

Supportive and Pro-Business State Government

A number of foreign multinational companies from all over the world has established in Negeri Sembilan is a proof of our state government support for the business entities. Our objective is to provide a business friendly environment with hand-hold approach and offer a one solution center services for investors.

Highly Productive Workforce

Negeri Sembilan has a ready supply of skilled and unskilled young workforce, educated and trainable. The existence of a large number of state funded and private educational and training institutes in Negeri Sembilan, neighbouring to Kuala Lumpur and Selangor ensures a ready supply of skilled labour.

Good Network of Supporting Industries

The state boasts a well-developed supplier base with a proven record for efficiency and ability to support the industries with high-quality goods. This helps manufactures gain a competitive advantage by enabling them to meet just-in-time requirements, raw material turnover and reduce cost.

Excellent Infrastructure Facilities

Industrial parks in Negeri Sembilan are well maintained and fully equipped with infrastructure facilities such as excellent road network, reliable supplies of electricity, water, gas and competitive telecommunications infrastructure.

Excellent Logistic Hub

Negeri Sembilan has a good network of road and railway, thus offers companies easy access to KLIA and Port Klang. Therefore, Negeri Sembilan location is a suitable choice for logistic service provider.

Quality of Life

Living in Negeri Sembilan is a convenient and pleasant affair, with good public transport, modern healthcare facilities (including private hospitals), quality and affordable houses as well as good schools and colleges.

Attractive Incentives

A wide range of attractive tax and non-tax incentives is made available for companies seeking to invest in new projects or expanding existing ones in Negeri Sembilan.